How to Identify the Four Types of Affect (or Emotion)

There are four types of affect, or emotional phenomena. You may know of a few. Yet, you need to be intimately familiar with all of them if you want to learn to be an emotional genius. Research is showing over and over just how important emotional management is for success and happiness – at work, at home, and in your relationships.

Find out if you’re familiar with all four types of affect. There is emotion which is the zing of feeling you get in the moment. Emotions last from a split second to a few minutes.

There are moods which last from days to weeks and are more diffuse than emotions.

There is your temperament which you are born with but can influence to be more realistically optimistic.

And then there are the emotional masks you wear.

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Values, boundaries, self-worth, emotional management, parenting, focusing on small steps of improvement, and more

200th Show – Review of Concepts Learned
Dr. John talks with his regular guest, Amy, about what she’s discovered in the past six months of weekly conversations.

Topics touched on include values, boundaries, self-worth, emotional management, parenting, focusing on small steps of improvement, and

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Uncover the Potential of the Human Heart and Mind – Your Heart

A recent show about the immense power contained within the human heart. This information will change your view of the world around you and within you. The heart has a mini-brain. The heart creates the largest field of energy within the body. Some tools of measurement claim our energy emanates (sp?) to be 10 feet outside of the body. How do you get the brain in synch with the heart? That is the key!

Dr. John Schinnerer on Guide to Self radio – KDIA 1640 AM.

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