The 14 Types of Life Leeches and Energy Vampires

Everyone of us knows one, a person who leaves you feeling drained, exhausted and negative, after every encounter. They’re called Life Leeches – people who suck…you dry. Life Leeches create barriers to a happy life. They don’t want you to be happy because they aren’t happy.

There are at least 14 types of Life Leeches of which you need to be aware. The Volcanic Leech, the Emotional Ice Cube, the Sprinting Leech, the Antisocial Leech, the Oblivious Leech, the Empty Shell Leech, the Advice Junkie Leech and more.

Find out about the various types of Leeches AND how to identify them so they don’t drain you of your vitality. Guide To Self Radio is hosted by Dr. John Schinnerer, a psychologist out of U.C. Berkeley.
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How to Become More Resilient or How to Bounce Back from Hardships

Some exciting news from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine (one of the top medical schools in the world) about resiliency. Dr. Dennis Charney recently presented critical new information as a result of his studies with Prisoners Of War (POWs). Dr. Charney has spent years looking at how at soldiers who fought in the Vietnam war, were taken prisoner, tortured and beaten for 6-8 years, and came out of it psychologically healthy. How do you manage that? That very information is shared in the second half of this show. Dr. John Schinnerer on Guide To Self Radio. KDIA 1640 AM Monday – Friday at 5 pm. Dr. John is available to help increase your resiliency at (925) 944-3440.
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Uncover the Potential of the Human Heart and Mind – Your Heart

A recent show about the immense power contained within the human heart. This information will change your view of the world around you and within you. The heart has a mini-brain. The heart creates the largest field of energy within the body. Some tools of measurement claim our energy emanates (sp?) to be 10 feet outside of the body. How do you get the brain in synch with the heart? That is the key!

Dr. John Schinnerer on Guide to Self radio – KDIA 1640 AM.

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Sexual Addiction – Breaking the Cycle

What is sexual addiction? What are the various types? How do you break the cycle of addiction? How do you respond when your spouse sexually betrays you? Infidelity, masturbation, fantasy, internet pornography, chatrooms and more are discussed in this candid conversation between Dr. John Schinnerer and Linda Walker, who runs a women’s support group for sexual betrayal.

Show originally aired on Guide To Self radio on KDIA 1640 AM in the San Francisco Bay Area. Dr. John may be reached for coaching or keynote speaking engagements at (925) 944-3440.
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