Anger Management Training Continues Play in Media

On the CBS “Early Show” this morning, there was a piece on anger management training. The focus was on the prevalence of anger at work. This seems to be a timely topic given the angry outbursts of folks such as Mel Gibson and others. I can’t imagine being on set with him.
While most of the tools discussed looked at stress management, brief mention was made of emotional intelligence. Emotional IQ is a key comoponent of any anger management training worth it’s salt.

In all anger management programs I’ve constructed consist of several key components:

Anger Management (ways to turn Down the volume on anger and tools to turn up the volume on positive emotions to replace the anger)

Stress Management (proven methods to turn down stress and pressure)

Communication Skills (tools to become more appropriately assertive) and

Emotional Intelligence (teaching ways to instantly identify and manage emotions in self and others).

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To life, love and laughter,
John Schinnerer Ph.D.